3 foods that improve your reading


Reading is among the best hobbies around. Reading can improve your cognitive ability even as you grow old with time. And if you’re the type that gets stressed easily, reading can provide a clinical solution to solve this problem for you. Despite the huge benefits of reading, it can be quite tasking and can cause a headache especially when the appropriate food is not taken before engaging in it. That means some food can boost brain function so well that reading can be done more effectively.

Of course, we know by now, you may be wondering what those foods are and what they have to offer. Not to worry! Here, we’ve curated the top 3 brain foods that can aid in effective reading. We will discuss the nutritiousness abilities of these foods and highlight why they stand out to be effective.


Apart from the delicious and irresistible taste, fish can make reading more effective and easier than it is. Most oily fish like Salmon, and Sardine, are good for this purpose because they have loads of Omega-3s fatty acid, a substance which increases the blood flow in the brain.

Besides, some fish like tuna and trout are also rich in Vitamin B12 and Selenium, these duos work synergistically to improve your cognitive performance.

Although fish is highly beneficial for the brain, avoid eating excessive amounts of it (8 grams per day is enough). And rinse it very well before consumption as some pollutants like mercury can easily be attached to the skin of some fish. Mercury can impact the brain in a very bad way. 


Vegetables are greatly beneficial to almost all organs in the body and even more to the brain. Vegetables, especially green, orange and red contain vital vitamins and minerals like vitamin K, lutein, folate, and beta-carotene that can greatly enhance mental performance.

 Some leading examples of green, orange, and red vegetables to eat include broccoli, carrot, and pepper. You can even combine green, orange, and red vegetables with some other brain foods like an egg which can also assist in boosting brain function. Doing so will not only induce better taste but also increase the overall nutritional values a food has to offer. 




Chicken is yet another delicious and healthy brain food that has been used for a long time for effective reading. As a lean protein food, chicken will stir your passion for reading and help boost your mental awareness by increasing the production of serotonin and dopamine in the systems of your body.

Chicken also contains numerous components that can help improve brain health and enhance mental performance. According to studies, Choline has been found to have a greater positive impact on the brain and mental performance.

Aside from that, you’ll get loads of essential vitamins in chicken like vitamins B6 and B12 which are extremely crucial to memory function and brain development when you eat chicken. For great satisfaction, you can combine your chicken with either red or green vegetables to have a better taste.