5 surprising benefits of eating bananas

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A banana a day keeps the doctor away. This is a saying that you will find a little bit tampered with. Perhaps, it is said about apples. However, eating bananas is of equal importance as eating apples. Banana is a fruit traditionally grown in SouthEast Asia. But now its growth is not limited to a certain region and it is grown throughout the world. This is purely due to its potential benefits. 

Now it comes in various sizes, shapes, and colors. Its yellow variant is widely used. It is a fruit that is convenient, economically feasible, and delicious at the same time. Banana offers a variety of health benefits to its consumers. In this article, we will highlight such benefits of this delicious fruit that are less spoken of.

1. Keeping blood pressure in check

Potassium[k] and magnesium [mg] are the key minerals that a body needs for proper functioning. Both of them play a decisive role when it comes to maintaining and stabilizing blood pressure. High blood pressure can cause a lot of cardiovascular conditions and at worst lead to Myocardial Infarction.

Bananas are rich in both these minerals. A medium-sized banana can be a source of 12% of the potassium that is recommended for daily intake. In the case of magnesium, this amount can be 16%. Hence it is a great source of both these key minerals. People suffering from high blood pressure are often advised to eat bananas to increase their potassium and magnesium intake which aids in lowering their blood pressure.

2. An answer to the weight gain

A medium-sized banana carries around 100 calories. Despite this fact they are recommended for individuals suffering from abnormal weight gain and are on the verge of obesity. This is strictly because they have fiber in abundance and can aid in keeping your bellies full of food with minimal calorie content. This reduces hunger and the overall calorie content of the body at the same time.

Green bananas are the best in this regard. They have a special ingredient known as resistant starch. This starch has a behavior different from all the starches. It is indigestible. Its function is more or less similar to that of soluble starch. It feeds the natural flora of human beings. Apart from that, it has fewer calories than normal starch but still keeps hunger at bay. 

3. A blessing for expecting women

Pregnant women suffer from a variety of health conditions. Their whole endocrine system works in a manner contrary to that of normal women. Their bodies sometimes become short in blood. Folic acid is used for making extra blood during pregnancy. Bananas are full of folic acid. Anemia is also a major threat for expecting women. Bananas also keep this threat at bay as they have a high iron[fe] content.

As we already know that bananas are full of fibers, and they can prevent conditions such as constipation in pregnant women by boosting the digestive system. Pregnant women also need to be very cautious while consuming salt as it can elevate blood pressure. Potassium that is present in abundance in bananas can combat this issue. It speeds up the processing of salt in our bodies.