All work and no sleep makes Jack a dull boy


Sleep plays an important role in maintaining a healthy body. Scientific researches have shown and proved that a requisite amount of it is essential at any age. According to the National Sleep Foundation adults between 18 to 25 years of age are required to sleep 7 to 9 hours a day to maintain a healthy body. 

Teenagers are advised to sleep 8 to 10 hours a day to enhance their growth and develpoment. People over the age of 65 are also advised to sleep 7 to 8 hours in the 24 hour cycle. Recommended time of sleep for newborn and infants is 15 hours. 

 People who respect these protocols and are concious regarding their naps enjoy significant health advantages over people who neglect these ground realities.

3 amazing benefits of taking recommended sleep

1. Enhances the Immune System

The Immune System is the body’s defense against invading microbes and pathogens. It is composed of three lines that involve the expression of diverse responses to invading microbes. It involves increasing the temperature and stimulation of white blood cells and others as a resistance to the infection. There are a number of contributing factors that keep the immune system properly functional. One such factor is sleep. 

Researches have shown that when humans are napping their bodies release a protein that is called cytokine which is responsible for combating infection and inflammation. T cells are also produced during naps, a type of white blood cells that is an integral part of the immune response. Sleep can also enhance the immune memory of the body which helps in recognition and dealing with specific antigens. Actions of vaccines are also promoted through napping.

2. Polishes the Memory

It is famously said that attentiveness forms the benchmark for a good memory. In order to be attentive your mind needs to be at peace which is purely achieved through taking a recommended time of sleep.

Hormones follow Circadian Rhythms that are the internal clock of the human body. So if you are awake at night trying to memorize a lesson you will find it difficult to do so. It is because your internal clock is telling your body to take a nap. So you will not be able to pay attention. Caffeine is deemed as a solution to this problem. However, taking caffeine for a period of time can result in insomnia or overwhelming tiredness. Recommended napping also keeps the fear of filling the memory of Hippocampus at bay. Each night when you are napping your neural synapses shrink to eliminate the irrelevant memories. This shrinking prepares the hippocampus to form new memories when you wake up in the morning.

3. Remedy to the heart diseases

Deaths from heart related diseases are increasing day by day in the world. More than 800,000 thousand people die annually  from heart related disease in the USA. Recent studies have shown the importance of requisite napping in dealing with this critical issue. The AHA [ Americana Health Association] recently included sleep in their updated heart health checklist.

When you are napping  your blood pressure decreases. If  one deviates from the above mentioned sleep range his/her blood pressure will stay higher. High blood pressure is the main contributor towards heart diseases. 

Lack of sleep eventually results in weight gain in some individuals. It is most common in children and teenagers.Inadequate sleep masks the sensation of hypothalamus that controls hunger. So the individual’s food intake with sleep problems is more than sufficient.