Boosting your digestive system


Digestive system is one of the important organ systems of the body. Proper digestion is a necessity for the survival of a human being. Digestive system is a process that begins from the oral cavity in the mouth, continues throughout the body and ends at the anus. Variety of organs,hormones and enzymes are required to smoothen this process. Malfunctioning of any one can have serious repercussions for human beings.

Diet that you are consuming has a great deal of impact on the digestive system. If the diet you are consuming is short of nutrients that enhance digestion , you are in trouble. A proper diet plan is something that is essential for preventing the malfunctioning of the digestive system. In this article we will highlight the importance of specific foods that aid in boosting your digestive system.

1. Eating fruits

Fruits are a source of a variety of essential nutrients. It also aids in digestion. Apple is home to a fiber called pectin. Pectin is ultra fine and prevents excessive bloating or any disturbance in the abdominal region. It also plays the role of a protector in the lining of the gut preventing it from invading pathogens.It also helps in increasing the surface area for the absorption of nutrients.

Pineapple, which happens to be a delicious fruit, contains bromelain. Bromelain speeds up the digestion of protein by breaking it into small pieces. It also helps in preventing gassy conditions.Bananas contain resistant starch. It feeds the friendly bacteria present in the gut. This further smoothens the process of digestion.

2. Vegetables

Green vegetables have been linked with a great deal of health benefits. They are also linked with enhancing the process of digestion. Cruciferous vegetables that include cabbages and broccoli are a  source for better digestive health. It also enhances the performance of your natural flora. They are known for preventing digestive conditions such as cancer and inflammation of the colon. These vegetables are home to prebiotic fibers that give rise to short chain fatty acids upon intestinal fermentation. These fatty acids reduce inflammation 

3. Food full of ginger

Ginger is an excellent remedy to digestive problems.It actually works by increasing agni that is known as digestive fire. It helps in breaking down the food and in assimilating it .Saliva contains various enzymes such as amylase that helps in digestion. Ginger acts as a stimulating factor for saliva. It also stimulates the secretion of bile and gastric enzymes. It also speeds the process of food movement in the body, making it travel quickly from the stomach to the small intestine.

4. Diet that keeps you hydrated

Water is necessary for smoothing the process of digestion. Digestive conditions like constipation are due to low levels of requisite fluids in the body.To prevent such conditions experts recommend drinking 1.5 to 2 liters of health fluids on a regular basis. Fluid intake depends upon the climate that you are inhabiting. Herbal teas in your diet can increase your fluid intake. 

Consuming vegetables and fruits like oranges also helps in maintaining normal fluid levels in the body.Watermelons are also preferred for this purpose.