Causes and remedies of depression


Depression is a medical illness that affects your mental health, physical health and behaviour.  According to the world health organisation it has been ranked second largest disease in the world. There are a lot of myths regarding depression used to circulate in the world. Much of the uneducated population assumes that having it is a serious weakness in personality. From this myth fake healers get a lot of benefit. Some of the fake healers get economical benefit in the name of treatment of depression.

Types of depression


It is a less severe illness. Its major symptoms are poor appetite or overeating; insomnia or excessive sleep; low energy or fatigue; low self-esteem; poor concentration or indecisiveness; and hopelessness. 

2-Manic- depressive or bipolar 

Manic depression is a disease in which there is a cycle of depression.Your mood switches suddenly. Other symptoms of illness are witnessed once you are in a depressive cycle. In the manic cycle  approximately all symptoms are experienced.

 Study related to depression

 It is a common psychiatric disorder discussed in the most recent studies. Keeping in view the importance of, this has been included in various medical and surgical treatments. Studies in India have shown that life events in one’s life lead someone towards this disease. 

  • Symptoms of depression 

1-feelings of hopelessness and pessimism

2-Guilt feeling

3-Insomnia ,early awakening or oversleeping 

4-difficult in remembering  or making decision

5-persistent physical symptoms 

  • Treatment

1.Frequent visits 

Patients require frequent visits early in treatment to  assess response  to intervention, suicidal  ideation, side effects, and psychosocial support systems.   


Education can play a significant role in treating depression. Social stigma and stubborn attitude can lead to serious problems. 

3.Continuation Therapy 

Continuation therapy (9-12 months after acute symptoms resolve) lessens the incidence of deterioration of vital  depression. Everlasting maintenance or  life span drug therapy should be appraised  for selected patients based on their history of worsen  and other clinical features.

  • Alternative treatment 

There is no proof that any alternative or home remedy is effective in treating moderate to severe degree it. However,  people with mild depression may find  benefits  from home remedies through increased relaxation.

Relaxation can be helpful for depressive symptoms. Health care providers can give you the best information about treatment. It is recommended to visit a professional health care provider. Here are some other alternative ways to deal with it: Acupuncture, aromatherapy,  biofeedback,  chiropractic treatments,  guided imagery  and yoga etc.        

It is a key of medical situation and a intense  public health examination. Although the development of depression is likely because of a combination of factors, understanding the effects, possible triggers, and treatments of the disorder is indispensable or promoting the well being of grandiose personage. There is also a need to study the course of depressive disorders present in  the world so as to regulate the need and duration of persistent  treatment. Studies should also gauge the cost efficient , design of medications  which can be easily used in the earliest care setting to effectively treat this growing problem.