Eating Potato not makes you a Potato


It is considered to be a universal truth that consuming potato is not healthy and can lead to obesity. There are things that tend to become universal truths when spoken about again and again. People often don’t go into details and accept what they majorly hear. People tend to label things hazardous without taking its benefits into account. It is perfectly said that access of everything is bad. Similarly potatoes if consumed in required amounts are not unhealthy by any stretch of imagination.

 5 surprising benefits of potatoes to humans

1. Losing weight

The most common yet baseless belief is that consuming potato will make you obese. However it is misunderstood that regardless of the food source it is the excess calories that will make someone fat.

In fact potato help in decreasing body fat. Scientific researches have shown that it contains a compound proteinase inhibitor 2 that controls hunger by slowing down the digestive process. Potato is a low calorie food. 2 pounds of it contains about 530 calories. So it can be used to lower down weight without keeping someone hungry.

2. Immunity boosters

Potatoes are rich with substances like carotenoids and phenolic acids. They act as antioxidants in the body , neutralizing free radicals and potentially harmful substances. A Test Tube study has shown that these antioxidants can suppress the effect of liver and colon cancer cells.It is also believed that the coloured potato carry more antioxidants than its white counterparts.

Baked potato contains choline. It is an essential nutrient whose use is neglected globally.Studies have shown that the lack of choline in diet can cause a variety of inflammatory diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis. By consuming potato choline can be increased in the body countering the inflammation.

3. An answer to the Diabetes

Potatoes contain a relatively unique starch known as the resistance starch.This starch is not absorbed by the body. It travels through the intestine into the gut where it feeds the natural flora of human beings. Studies have shown that this starch reduces insulin resistance. Thus maintaining blood glucose level. It is also believed to be a source of removing excess sugar from blood.

4. Enhances the digestion

Baked potatoes is rich in fibers that improve digestion. Fibers are known to be beneficial in treating diarrhea and constipation. People with digestive conditions like irritable bowel syndrome are also advised to use baked potato. Moreover the resistant starch present in it also gives rise to short chain fatty acids that enhances the performance colon assisting it in a smooth digestive process. Some potato fibers are not absorbed and passes smoothly increasing the effectiveness of digestive process

5. Keeping blood pressure in check

Potato skin is full of potassium and magnesium.When diet is lacking in potassium,body retains more than sufficient sodium and this extra sodium cause a hike in  the blood pressure.Individuals with hiked blood pressure are more prone to heart diseases as severe as a stroke. So a diet with sufficient potassium is required to prevent heart diseases.