Four T’s To Cope With Stress


Stress is the talk of the town these days. The world has progressed by leaps and bounds in the near past. It is now known as a global village. Yet the communication between man to man about their personal lives has decreased by far and large. True friends are scarcely found. Social media has brought ostentatiousness to our lives. People are less vocal about their problems and tend to pretend on social media platforms that they are doing fine.

All these factors contribute towards creating an internal war that eventually results in Stress. It has become so common that nearly all individuals experience it during different phases of their lives. Severity of it worsens to such an extent that the sufferer sometimes commit suicide. Stress is psychological so its remedies are also simple. Below are ways in which one can deal with this growing problem

1. To seek for Counseling

As Stress is psychological, it is not treated with medicines. People experiencing it should seek help from closed ones. One needs to be careful in sharing his problems because people nowadays seek entertainment in it and sometimes they  further torment the sufferer

So if you are in dire need of counseling you should choose someone to whom you are near and dear. You should tell him/her about the issues you are facing in  your personal and professional life.You need to be truthful in your approach because then and only then can  the core issue be adressed.

2. Taking break from daily routine

Some individuals  have a very tough work routine.Unhealthy work environment plays the role of icing on the cake. Individuals in such an environment are more prone to Stress. So if they develop Stress due to these factors,the best way to deal with it is to take a break from it. One should take some time off from his daily routine. He/she shall spend some quality time with his/her family and friends.

Listening to phone calls from work during this period will worsen the situation. So it is advised to turn the cell phone off and take a complete break from all Stressful activities for a time period.

3. To recognize your limitations

It is most commonly observed in teenagers. They burden themselves too much with their own and their parents expectation.Eventually when they don’t live up to it they become disappointed, developing mental Stress.

It should be accepted and taken into account that everyone is limited in their own ways. So burdening yourself with the aim of achieving perfection is synonymous to barking up the wrong tree.Teenagers experiencing Stress should accept the fact that not everything in the world goes according to expectations. We just need to accept ground realities and move forward. 

4. To visit places full of nature

Sometimes the mind becomes too much occupied with the busyness of the cities. This most commonly happens in an individual who has migrated from a rural setting to an urban one. The peace and the healthy environment of a village leaves a lasting mark on his/her mind. So when he/she comes to a whole new environment with many new things to offer he becomes frustrated leading to Stress.

The best way to deal with this kind of Stress is to visit a place full of nature. This practice is known to refresh the acts as an escape from the environment which is unorthodox for the individual.