Guide for the health of hair


To have hair as smooth as feathers is probably one dream that most of us share. It is something in common. Shiny hair is a  dream that almost all of us are running after. Unfortunately, it is prone to dryness. It happens when they lack enough moisture to maintain their natural shine. Their texture is also very badly affected. You must be wondering how one can make his/her hair silky and shiny. There are many remedies available for making them silky. All of us must have tried different ways to obtain shiny and silky hair during our lifetime. They might have worked or not. 

So, it’s time to grasp the root of your hair problems and eradicate it. It’s about time that you make it silky and shiny. This article will highlight some essential remedies that can help you achieve your dream hair.

Coconut oil

Coconut oil has been in use for ages as a treatment for hair. It imparts shine to them and is also a good conditioner. In addition, coconut oil prevents them from getting damaged and causes a reduction in the loss of proteins from protein. Proteins are building blocks and contribute to healthy hair. In this way, it helps in maintaining the health of hair. You can use coconut oil to make them silky. You can simply use it to massage your scalp and hair strands. You must warm the oil before applying it, or it is also convenient to use it at room temperature. Leaving the oil in your hair overnight and then washing it the next day might be a good and practical idea to achieve smoothness.


An egg is one of the most common ingredients used widely to make hair packs. It is used for softening them and is widely used as an emollient. You can make a pack using eggs and mix it with olive oil and garlic. After that, it must be applied very carefully. This will significantly improve your hair health. Specialists also advise mixing egg yolk with almond oil; you need to apply it by rubbing it on the scalps and strands. You can also improvise a little bit by using it along with honey and turmeric as well. You can keep the pack inside for some time and wash it off by rinsing it with plain water and mild shampoo. 

Mineral oil

Mineral oil can be a helpful remedy to obtain silky hair as it helps reduce the splitting and separation of their ends. Mineral oil seldom causes a reversal of damage; however, it can spread onto strands and is of great value. Due to this property, mineral oil can form a layer on the strands and aid in an easier comb. It also reduces the number of split ends and imparts a gloss. You can simply use it by massaging in mineral oil at room temperature of your choice on your scalp and strands and leave it as it is for some time. 

Aloe vera

It is a plant with unique properties. Studies have shown that it dramatically improves the health of scalps. The flesh of aloe vera can be directly applied to the head. It eliminates various microorganisms like bacteria and fungi. You can use it in combination with olive oil. This could be of immense help to individuals suffering from dryness of hair.