Nutrition is important for fitness


It has always been recommended to have a balanced diet to keep oneself fit. When you do exercise you burn your calories and nutrients. So it is essential to keep your diet in check to not to be ill or under-nourished. In this article, we will learn about some delicious food that helps you to make your calories and nutrients in the right proportion. Nutrition is known as the backbone of the health and fitness of your body.

Nutrition; A good thing to start a day

Your first meal is most vital to keep you fit.

According to a Harvard Health Letter, eating breakfast regularly minimises the risks of obesity, diabetes, and heart diseases. So you should start your day with a healthy breakfast.

Keep check of your carbohydrates and nutrition  

One of the main sources which provide nutrition to your body is carbohydrates. Mayo Clinic suggests that 45 to 65 percent of your total daily calories should come from carbohydrates. This is especially true if you exercise.

Most people use processed food and do not take care of their diet. You must get rid of a simple diet plan. You must focus on the intake of complex food that must contain enormous amounts of carbohydrates. These complex carbohydrates are present in grains, vegetables, and beans. Grain consumption helps you to stabilise your blood sugar level. They also contain vitamins that assist our body to keep moving smoothly. Vitamins are also another great source of nutrition. 

Proteins source of nutrition

 Protein also helps you to build your muscles and repair them quickly. Protein is the best ingredient for a beneficial workout. Proteins are as essential as fuel is vital for running your vehicle. 

According to some health experts our body needs 0.8 grams of protein per day in our adulthood for better health. Those who do tough exercises must get protein according to their workout.

Sources of protein

  • poultry, 
  • red meat, 
  • fish, a
  • dairy, 
  • legumes, 
  • eggs

Increase your fruit and vegetable consumption


Fruits provide you with a necessary and excellent source of minerals and vitamins. These are a source of nutrition for our bodies. They are also rich in fiber. You can also decrease diabetes and inflammation. It will be better for your health to take fruits regularly with one of your meals. It would be better to take fruits after your lunch.


The fruit which includes enormous amounts of potassium and magnesium is none other than banana. It will help you get a lot of nutrients daily. Banana is also a fruit that provides you with the natural sugar to fuel your workout. In the same vein, bananas are an essential source of nutrition for a healthy body.

Charge Yourself before and after exercise 

When you consume before and after your workout it makes your body energised. If your consumption is before the exercise it gives you the strength to perform exercises. Consuming food full of calories after your workout gives you a sense of relief and calmness in your body and your mind.

In a nutshell

We know that excess of everything is bad. You must not overtake nutrients in excess as they also are not good for a healthy life. Nutrition accumulation can cause different diseases. Accumulation of vitamin A more than it is required for our body can cause hair loss, weakened bones, cracked lips, and dry skin.