Reasons for why you should water your body


Water covers 71% of planet Earth. Nearly 60% of our body weight is water. Speaking about Earth, the importance of water is immense. It is home to a number of species. Those species are a necessity for keeping the wheel of biodiversity going.Many of them are used as food by human beings.

When it comes to our bodies , its importance is equally important as the former.H2Ois needed for the sustaining of human bodies.Lack of its intake for mere days can have severe impacts on the human body. In this article we will highlight the importance of water for human bodies.

Water creates saliva

Water is one of the main components of saliva. Saliva also consists of small amounts of electrolytes, mucus, and digestive enzymes. It is effective in breaking down solid food and maintaining the smoothness of the digestive process.

Your body generally produces adequate saliva if your H2O intake is normal. However, with age and due to certain other factors, the output of saliva decreases. It is advised to drink more water to deal with this situation.

Regulation of temperature

Water acts as  a coolant in our bodies. It is very crucial in maintaining body temperature. Body loses H2O during physical activity. The water that comes to the surface and is now called  saliva, gives a cooling effect to the overall body.

But in order to replenish the H2O loss,one needs to intake it after sweating. This is because with water loss your body also loses electrolytes and plasma. 

Excretion of waste

Water is crucial in the process of excretion. H2O stimulates bowel movements. This smoothens the process of excretion.It excretes waste from the body in the form of sweat. Salts that are not required and can be harmful are excreted in sweat. 

Kidneys are responsible for urine formation. It filters waste through the process of urination. Adequate intake of H2O assists in making kidney function more efficiently.It also prevents conditions such as constipation.

The role of protector

Water does way more than just quenching your thirst and regulating your body’s temperature. Moistening the tissues is also one of its important function.In a state of dehydration, tissues inside  your vital organs are damaged. Sensitive areas require optimum levels of moisture. In addition to this H20 also acts as a lubricant for spinal cord and joints.

When the intake of h2o is insufficient, individuals are more prone to joint related injuries. This is because moisture acts as  a cushion and a shock absorber.

Keeping Brain healthy

Inadequate intake of water can impact brain functioning.Research show that excessive loss of H2O or not taking enough amount of it can cause memory problems.The dehydrated individual will also struggle in focusing. H2O makes 75% of the brain. This percentage is higher than other parts.Low H20 means low electrolyte balance. Low electrolyte balance can cause issues like muscle weakness, fatigue and confusion.Water also contributes to the meningeal fluid that protects the brain against any shock.