Things A Working Brain Needs


It is essential to know about your brain because it is the only organ that makes you different from other animals in the world. Its size is not more than your fist and weighs only three pounds. Unlike its size and weight, it has an important role in our life which is why it is called the boss of your body. But just like some other organs of our body it also remains active when you are sleeping. But most of us do not pay attention to strengthening our muscles as we do to our biceps and triceps. Hence, it is necessary to know about the demands of our brain to work at its best. Thanks to the neuroscientist who has told us to understand the broader perspective of this little organ. Scientists have revealed ten things that are necessary that keep our brain healthy and maximize our career success.

Your brain needs plenty of blood flow to function optimally

For the proper function of our brain, it needs a proper flow of blood. And the blood flow is at its best when you do exercise. Doing exercise regularly reduces memory loss and dementia. You can make this blood flow smoothly through aerobic respiration, stretching, and normal to hard exercises.

Your brain needs periodic breaks

I hope you will not like the idea of running your Mercedes into the ground. Right! Similarly, it is also true for your brain not to burn it and take microbreaks to let it recharge and become fresh. Microbreaks, usually five minutes, provide your brain with sufficient energy. Therefore getting periodic breaks enhances your brain’s productivity.

Your brain needs certain kinds of foods

If you want to enhance the health and performance of your brain, you should wisely put healthy brain foods on your table. For instance, utilization of the protein, a source of amino acid, is necessary to clear the neurotransmitter pathways. Similarly, Vitamins are also necessary for the proper function of your thinking organ. For example, vitamin B is vital for your brain wellness and vitamin D is essential for mood stabilization. Moreover, eggs, whole grains, and fish are the best sources of Vitamin B, whereas dairy products, beef liver orange juice are the perfect source of gaining vitamin D. 

Your brain likes positivity.

Research has shown that unlike the expectations of many who believe that brian is wired negatively, our brain likes positivity. Whereas neuroscientists are of the view that chronic pessimism damages our telmers. Telomeres are the tips on our chromosomes that have the ability to shorten or lengthen according to our pattern. These tips get short in case of negative thinking and stretch with the optimist thinking. Shortening tips of telomeres affect your health. So, that is the reason that everyone talks about being positive all the time. 


There are a lot of other methods that enhance the productivity of our brains. But I hope these will also be helpful for devising your strategy. 


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