If you find that you wake up one fine morning and have a painless little bump under your skin, this is called a cyst. They often show up at all times, and you won’t feel any need to treat them most of the time. They are painless bumps that won’t cause any problems. They are expected to cause problems when they get sore or end up getting infected, but they can also be embarrassing as they can make you look awful.

In this article, we will discuss how you can deal with cysts and what dangers they carry.

Taking matters into your hands

While it might be tempting, you must not pop or drain the cyst yourself. This is because that can cause an infection and the cyst will probably come back after some time. Instead, you need to keep the cysts clean by rinsing them with warm soap and water. Placing a moist and warm cloth on top of the cyst can also help it heal as well.

You should place the cloth on the cyst for a period of 20 to 30 minutes, 3 to 4 times a day. Eventually, the cyst will begin to heal and will be soothed, but you do need to make sure that it isn’t draining. If it does start to drain due to unknown reasons then you need to wrap it in a bandage and then go to the doctor.

Consulting a Specialist

If you prefer treatment from a doctor, then they can easily treat them by using a variety of methods. The doctor can drain the cyst, by simply cutting the cyst open and pushing out all the gunk inside. Although it is effective on a short-term basis, they can come back if this method is used. If the cyst is tender, then doctors can also inject medicine into the cyst in order to reduce swelling, which can help if the cyst is tender and swollen.

Minor surgery can help in permanently removing cysts by taking out the entire cyst wall, to keep them from coming back. If you have unsightly cysts that happen to be very uncomfortable, then this can be an option to remove them. Another permanent option to remove cysts is to use laser removal. In this process, the cyst is targeted with the help of a laser, which vaporizes the cyst.

Dangers that cysts carry

Cysts are pretty normal for the most part, but a cyst can turn into a tumour. In this case, you really need to be worried. Additionally, large cysts can result in the displacement of your organs, such as when large ovarian cysts start to mess with the stomach. They can cause severe abdominal pain in women and might need to be removed surgically in order to get the stomach back where it belongs.

Cysts are very similar to tumours, and they do share a similar appearance. The only way to make sure that a cyst is not a tumour is to have a doctor or dermatologist perform a biopsy on the cyst.