Vitamins plays a vital role in health


Health has always been a very common discussion in our surroundings. With the growing  crisis of the world, it is not naive to forget about taking care of our health. But one should not be indifferent about his health. Global warming, a real headache of the world, is not only disturbing the weather pattern of the world but also is causing serious illness to our health. Ozone depletion is  one of the most discussed matters of these days. In addition to that, vitamins also play a vital role in our health. This article will discuss some essential vitamins which have a very close relation to our health.


Vitamins as micronutrients 

Our body requires vitamins to let our body perform the functions normally. However , we msu know that there are two types of vitamins. These are grouped  essential and non essential vitamins.Essential vitamins are such vitamins that are produced by our body whereas non essential vitamins are those one which are not produced by  our body. Non essential vitamins  are to be taken from vegetables and fruits and grains etc.

Fat soluble or water soluble 

Furthermore we classify the vitamins as fat soluble or water soluble. Fat soluble vitamins include ;

  • Vitamin A 
  • Vitamin D 
  • Vitamin E
  • Vitamin K

These are the vitamins which are dissolved in the fats and accumulated in the body. This accumulation carries out the function of the body when these are not available in turbulent times for survival.

In the similar vein, water soluble vitamins contain the following ;

Vitamin  C

Vitamin  B complex

whereas, water soluble vitamins are not accumulated in your body they must be included in our drinking water.