Why You Should Drink Orange Juice


Orange is one of the favorite fruits of people in many regions of the world. It traces its history back to 314 BC. Its origin is traced back to China where its first use was documented. It was in 1987 that its tree was easily the most cultivated in the world.

It is eaten in raw form by the masses. However, its use in juices is not new by any stretch of the imagination. It is full of nutrients. Apart from its taste, Orange juice has a variety of health benefits. In this article, we will highlight some of the most important benefits of Orange juices to human beings. 

Boosting immune system

Orange juice can help in improving our immune systems. We are familiar with the popular fact that Vitamin C enhances our defense system. It stimulates neutrophil migration to the site of infection. This prevents inflammation. Vitamin C also stimulates oxidant generation and also speeds up the process of microbial killing. Orange juice contains a high level of Vitamin C. Studies have shown that a single serving offers up to the double amounts of Vitamin C that our bodies need daily to maintain normal functioning. So, in this case, a limited but regular intake of juice should be preferred.

Oranges are also equipped with ascorbic acids. It is the main component of collagen. It helps the cells to rejuvenate and promote tissue growth in our bodies. Through these two nutrients, this juice can help in keeping you healthy and smiling.

Improves digestive health

A healthy intake of fluids is essential for maintaining a regular digestive process. Oranges are also rich in fibers. Fibers help in feeding our natural flora. They also speed up the digestive process. A small Orange contains 3g of fiber. 66% of it is absorbed by our tissues. The remaining part stays inside our digestive system, which serves as a cleaning agent for our bowels. Studies have shown that the regular intake of Orange juice shall be increased gradually and steadily but not abruptly. This will create a fiber spike that can lead to conditions like diarrhea.

Curing Cancer

High intakes of Vitamin C haven’t been proven to cure cancer by any credible research in the past. However today it is injected into patients. It has shown impressive reults. Studies have shown that Vitamin C aids greatly in reducing the risk of mouth, esophagus, and stomach cancers by up to 40%. These benefits are due to citruses’ protective nutrients that include potassium, fiber, and flavonoids. Orange juice is enriched with all these nutrients. 

Protection against kidney stones

The high levels of calcium and potassium that are contained in Oranges can help in lowering the risk of formation of kidney stones. This is a seriously painful disease of the kidney that arises when oxalate particles that are present in the urinary tract combine with calcium. They give rise to calcium oxalate crystals. This form blockages in the urinary tract. It is often caused when the levels of oxalate and calcium are not balanced. Enough calcium in a daily diet is therefore essential for maintaining the levels of oxalate in the kidney. 

The vitamins C and E assist in repairing skin cells. In this way, they keep the skin glowing and fresh. This also helps in reducing scarring from blackheads and spots present on the surface of the skin. Also, these properties can elevate the effects of the sun burning by repairing the damaged cells. Orange juice is rich in Vitamin C and E.